Match Your Blue Polka Dot Minnie Ears

I was 11 years old when I got my first pair of ears. In fact, over 23 years later, I still have them someplace in storage. So much has changed since those days but the ears... the ears keep getting cuter! There is nothing more exciting than picking up your newest pair and coordinating an outfit to go with it! 

This week we are featuring the sequenced blue and white polka dot Minnie ears with the daisy poking out of the bow. They unfortunately don't sell them in the parks anymore (in fact, I picked mine up at the character warehouse for $7.99!) but I've been dying to wear them with a coordinated outfit.

I did receive this bag for my birthday last summer. It matches nicely but here are a few items so you can change things up a bit and help put together your Disney day outfit to match your ears.

Women's Tank Top

Blue Polka Dot Racerback Tank

Unisex Tank

Blue Polka Dot Unisex Tank Top

Women's Skirt

 Blue Polka Dot Skater Skirt

Women's Lightweight Racerback Dress

Blue Polka Dot Racerback Dress

Women's Shorts (could even wear under the skirt or dress)

Blue Polk Dot Shorts

Women's Leggings

 Blue Polka Dot Leggings

Women's Plus Size Leggings

Blue Polka Dot Plus Size Leggings

 Youth Leggings

Blue Polka Dot Youth Leggings

Toddler and Kids Leggings

Blue Polka Dot Kid's Leggings

Backpack (Made in USA)

Blue Polka Dot Backpack (Made in USA)

Poly Scarf

Blue Polka Dot Poly Scarf


Shop the whole polka dot collection here.

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